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Paid Advertising

1. Google Ads Update: New Brand Controls For Search & Performance Max Campaigns

Two essential tools provided by Google can significantly impact your advertising game: Brand Restrictions and Brand Exclusions.

Brand Restrictions: Target Brand Searches Only!

Boosting ad performance starts with targeting the right audience, and what better audience to target than those already searching for your brand? Brand Restrictions in Google’s advertising platform allow you to show your ads exclusively for searches that include your brand name. 

By capitalizing on your brand’s popularity and visibility, you can reach potential customers who are already interested in what your business offers. This laser-focused approach not only increases the efficiency of your ad spend but also reinforces brand recognition and loyalty.

Brand Exclusions: Take Full Control!

While brand restrictions help you target specific audiences, brand exclusions empower you to eliminate unwanted brand associations with precision. In Performance Max campaigns, you can exclude specific contexts where you don’t want your ads to appear. 

This ensures that your brand aligns with its values and avoids any potential negative impact from displaying ads in irrelevant or controversial contexts. By excluding certain sites or apps, you maintain control over your brand’s image and safeguard its reputation.

Different from Negative Keywords!

It’s important to understand that brand exclusions are not the same as negative keywords, even though both play a role in refining your ad targeting. Negative keywords prevent ads from showing up alongside specific search terms, while brand exclusions focus on specific sites or apps where you don’t want your ads to appear. This level of specificity is vital when it comes to managing your brand’s online presence.

Reach your target audience more efficiently, build brand loyalty, and achieve marketing success with Google’s cutting-edge tools at your disposal. It’s time to elevate your brand’s advertising strategy and conquer the digital landscape with confidence!

2. Google Ads Introduces New, Streamlined Design

Attention, advertisers! Google Ads has just unveiled its brand-new and streamlined design, promising a more intuitive and efficient experience for all users. Get ready to elevate your advertising game with these exciting updates and features. 

Simplified Navigation Structure: Easy Access to Features

Navigating through Google Ads has never been easier! With the new streamlined design, you’ll find a simplified navigation structure that allows for quick and effortless access to essential features. Say goodbye to hunting for options buried deep in menus – everything you need is now at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and effort.

Revamped Overview Page: A Snapshot of Account Performance

Keep a finger on the pulse of your ad campaigns with the revamped overview page. This feature provides a snapshot of your account’s performance at a glance. Monitor key metrics, track progress, and identify areas that need attention, all in one comprehensive view. Stay in control and make data-driven decisions like never before.

Improved Campaign Creation Flow: Guided and Simplified Process

Creating campaigns just got smoother and more straightforward. The new design offers an improved campaign creation flow, guiding you through the process step by step. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or just starting, you’ll find the setup process more user-friendly, helping you launch campaigns with confidence and precision.

Enhanced Recommendations and Insights: Optimize with Ease

Optimizing your campaigns for success is now a breeze! Google Ads’ new design provides enhanced recommendations and insights tailored to your specific advertising goals. Tap into valuable suggestions for improving performance and maximizing your ROI. Stay ahead of the competition with data-backed strategies.

Responsive Design: Consistent Experience Across Devices

In today’s fast-paced world, advertisers need flexibility. The new Google Ads design ensures a seamless experience across all devices, whether you’re working on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Manage your campaigns on the go without compromising on functionality or performance.

Get ready to take your advertising efforts to new heights with Google Ads’ fresh and streamlined design. Embrace the simplicity, dive into valuable insights, and optimize with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or a business owner venturing into the digital advertising world, these updates are designed to empower you and drive success.

3. Google Bard Expansion: New Features, New Languages, New Countries

Great news for Google Bard users! Google’s innovative language model, Bard, is stepping up its game with an exciting expansion, introducing new features, languages, and countries to enhance your experience. Let’s dive into the highlights of this expansion:

Bard Extends Its Reach

Google Bard is now breaking language barriers by being available in over forty languages, including major world languages like Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish. This means users worldwide can now communicate and interact with Bard in their native tongues, making it even more accessible and inclusive.

In addition to new language offerings, Bard has expanded its availability to new countries, including Brazil and Europe. Embracing diverse cultures and expanding its reach globally, Bard is now ready to engage with users from various corners of the world.

Tailoring Bard’s Responses

The new Bard update brings exciting capabilities to tailor its responses to better suit users’ needs:

  • Audible Responses: Listening to Bard’s answers is now possible as responses can be read aloud, making information more accessible in over forty languages. This feature ensures that users with different preferences or accessibility needs can engage with Bard effortlessly.
  • Response Customization: Users can now adjust the tone and style of Bard’s replies according to their preferences. Whether you want responses to be simple, long, short, professional, or casual, Bard has you covered. This customization feature enhances the conversational experience with Bard, making it feel more personal and natural.

Bard Boosts Productivity

Google is committed to improving productivity with Bard’s new capabilities:

  • Pin and Rename Conversations: Stay organized and focused with the ability to pin important conversations and give them custom names. This feature ensures that essential discussions and information remain easily accessible and searchable.
  • Expanded Code Export Options: For developers and tech enthusiasts, Bard now offers expanded code export options, making it easier to work with code snippets and programming-related content.
  • Response Sharing: Collaborate seamlessly by sharing Bard’s responses with others. This feature fosters teamwork and efficient communication, especially when working on group projects or exchanging information.
  • Image Prompts: Need visual inspiration? Bard now supports image prompts, enabling users to communicate and receive responses based on visual inputs. This can be particularly useful for creative endeavors and visual-driven projects.

As Bard continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities, Google remains steadfast in developing Bard responsibly. User privacy, safety, and security are top priorities, ensuring a positive and respectful experience for all users.

4. Looker Studio reporting: 6 do’s and don’ts for search marketers

Looker Studio, previously known as Google Data Studio, is a powerful online tool that enables search marketers to transform data into interactive and informative reports and dashboards. As a search marketer, utilizing Looker Studio effectively can significantly enhance your data-driven decision-making process and help you deliver valuable insights to your clients. However, there are certain best practices to keep in mind to make the most out of this tool.


  1. Don’t enter data into a text box manually: One of the key features of Looker Studio is its ability to connect to various data sources automatically. Manually entering data into a text box not only consumes time but also increases the risk of errors and inconsistencies in your reports. Always leverage data connections to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Don’t include metrics without comparison: Metrics without context can be misleading and fail to provide actionable insights. Always compare your current metrics with historical data or benchmarks to understand the performance trends and identify areas for improvement accurately.
  3. Don’t give them metrics that don’t tell them the whole story: Avoid inundating your clients with a barrage of metrics that may not be relevant to their goals. Instead, focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with their objectives and provide meaningful insights to guide their marketing strategies.


  1. Do provide an executive summary, list of work completed, and list of next steps: When presenting your Looker Studio reports to clients or stakeholders, start with an executive summary that highlights the most critical insights. Include a list of completed tasks and accomplishments, followed by a clear roadmap of the next steps to maintain transparency and accountability.
  2. Do give a visual representation of where you are trending toward your KPIs: Visualizations are a powerful way to communicate complex data effectively. Use charts, graphs, and other visual elements in your Looker Studio reports to showcase trends and progress toward achieving your KPIs. This visual representation can aid in quick comprehension and decision-making.
  3. Do pull together data that will answer your clients’ questions: Understand your clients’ specific queries and information needs. Create Looker Studio reports that address their concerns and provide insights that can drive actionable strategies. Tailor your reports to suit their unique requirements, whether it’s related to keyword performance, ROI analysis, or competitor comparisons.

By following these six do’s and don’ts for Looker Studio reporting, search marketers can create more impactful and meaningful reports for their clients. Remember that the goal is to provide actionable insights and help your clients make data-driven decisions to boost their search marketing success. 

Utilizing Looker Studio effectively will not only streamline your reporting process but also strengthen your client relationships through valuable and informative data-driven discussions.

5. Google News Indexing Disruption Resolved

The recent disruption in Google News indexing has been successfully resolved by Google. After diligently investigating and addressing the issue, Google has confirmed the fix, ensuring smooth and efficient indexing for news content.

No Additional Updates Needed

With the fix in place, Google assures publishers that no additional updates are required from their end. The indexing process will now resume as usual, and your news articles will be appropriately crawled and indexed by Google’s search systems.

Reporting and Community Support

During the disruption period, several publishers reported the indexing issues on Twitter and in the Publisher Center Help community. Google’s responsiveness and collaborative approach played a vital role in resolving the problem swiftly.

Volatility in Google News Traffic

In the past few weeks, some publishers noticed volatility in their Google News traffic. This volatility could be attributed to syndicated content rankings. However, with the indexing disruption resolved, you can expect more stable and accurate traffic trends.

Stay Informed with Google Search Status Dashboard

To keep publishers informed about any future Google Search system issues, Google offers the Search Status Dashboard. This valuable tool provides status updates for Google Search systems and highlights any widespread issues that may impact site performance or rankings. Be sure to leverage this resource to stay updated on any potential disruptions and their resolutions.

With the Google News indexing disruption now resolved, publishers can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on creating quality news content without any worries about indexing hiccups. Google’s commitment to resolving issues promptly and providing tools for transparency demonstrates its dedication to the publisher community.


6. AI-Generated Content Policy Is Coming To Google

In an era where technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are advancing rapidly, Google is taking a proactive stand to address the challenges posed by AI-generated content. While AI can produce impressive results, it is essential to ensure that information published is accurate and reliable. That’s why Google is introducing an AI-Generated Content Policy to protect online integrity and combat misinformation effectively.

Human Review for Accuracy

Publishing AI-generated content as-is is being discouraged by Google. AI, though powerful, may not always produce entirely correct information. To maintain trust and credibility, Google advocates for human review before publishing AI-generated content. 

This ensures that the information presented to users is accurate and reliable.

Fighting Misinformation and Deep Fakes

Misinformation and deep fakes have become significant concerns in today’s digital landscape. Google’s cutting-edge machine learning algorithms will detect and flag AI-generated content, including fabricated news stories, forged videos, and deceptive social media posts. 

By actively combatting this content, Google aims to empower users to make informed decisions and protect themselves from misleading information.

Proactive Approach and Collaboration

Google’s approach to handling AI-generated content involves collaboration with experts and research institutions. By working together, they can fine-tune the detection mechanisms and stay ahead of emerging challenges posed by AI technology. 

Building partnerships to collectively combat the impact of AI-generated content reinforces Google’s commitment to maintaining a transparent online experience.

Rollout of the Policy

The AI-Generated Content Policy is expected to be implemented in the coming months. Google is dedicated to refining its systems to strike a balance between harnessing the potential of AI and ensuring the content it produces is reliable and trustworthy.

As technology continues to evolve, Google’s proactive measures demonstrate its commitment to maintaining the integrity of online information. 

7. WordPress 6.3 Will Improve LCP SEO Performance

Page speed is not only crucial for better SEO rankings on Google but also plays a significant role in enhancing user experience, increasing sales, and boosting ad views and clicks. One key metric to measure page speed is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), which indicates how long it takes to render the largest image or text block on a web page.

Exciting news for WordPress users! With the upcoming WordPress 6.3 update, LCP SEO performance is set to see a significant improvement. WordPress will now automatically add the “fetch priority” attribute to the image it identifies as the “LCP image” – the largest content element in the viewport, i.e., what the site visitor sees in their browser.

Understanding the Fetch Priority Attribute

The fetch priority attribute is an HTML attribute that can be applied to web page elements such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. In the context of WordPress 6.3, this attribute is set to “high” for the LCP image, instructing the browser to prioritize loading this image even before it computes the layout of the entire page.

Impact on LCP Performance

By leveraging the fetch priority attribute, WordPress aims to improve LCP performance by 5-10%. This means faster loading times for the largest content element, resulting in a smoother and more efficient user experience. 

As a consequence, websites powered by WordPress can expect better SEO rankings and increased user engagement.

Embracing WordPress 6.3 for Enhanced LCP SEO

With the WordPress 6.3 update, website owners can harness the power of improved LCP SEO performance without the need for manual intervention. WordPress takes the initiative to optimize the loading of the LCP image, ensuring a positive impact on both user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

As WordPress continues to evolve and incorporate user-friendly features, staying up-to-date with the latest version ensures your website remains competitive in the digital landscape. 

Embrace the upcoming WordPress 6.3 update and unlock the potential of faster loading times, better SEO, and enhanced user experiences. Elevate your web presence with WordPress’s commitment to innovation and performance.

Social Media

8. Meta Enhances Video Capabilities On Facebook

Facebook as Meta, the parent company of Facebook, introduces exciting new features to elevate your video browsing and interaction. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Enhanced Video Integration:

Meta is integrating the popular Reels features from Instagram directly into Facebook’s Feed. This integration brings you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy short and entertaining videos seamlessly within your Facebook browsing experience. Prepare to be entertained like never before with captivating Reels content right at your fingertips.

2. Video Tab:

No more searching for scattered video content! Facebook’s new Video tab consolidates all video content in one place. Now, you can effortlessly browse, discover, and engage with a diverse range of videos, making your video exploration a breeze.

3. Cross-Platform Enjoyment:

Experience the convenience of cross-platform enjoyment! Instagram Reels content can now be accessed and interacted with directly on Facebook. Say goodbye to switching between apps, as you immerse yourself in a wide array of captivating Reels videos without leaving Facebook.

Discover, enjoy, and engage with an incredible collection of video content, all within the comfort of Facebook’s interface. The enhanced video capabilities promise to elevate your social media experience, making it even more engaging and enjoyable. Embrace the seamless integration and indulge in the world of videos like never before!

Stay tuned for these exciting updates and take your video browsing to new heights with Social MediaPeta’s enhanced video capabilities on Facebook.

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