7 Must-Have Analytics Tools You Should Install on Every Website!

Analytics tools help website owners to understand how their website is performing, how much traffic is coming, which digital marketing channels are bringing the most traffic, whether the new marketing campaign is performing well or not, etc.

Analytics tools are must to get such kind of information. Here are the 7 analytics tools you should use on your website for easier website tracking and analysis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the king of free analytics tools available in the market. Unless you are from China, you should install Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics has lots of predefined reports, dashboards for easier analysis. There are lots of videos available on the internet about How to use Google Analytics.

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a similar tool like Google Analytics, but it has more features than Google Analytics. With Yandex Metrica you can track your websites heatmap, form tracking, which is mostly come with paid tools. It Also offers functionality to check PDF and other downloads on the website, which is not available in Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is tracking code for Facebook Analytics, with Facebook pixel you can retarget your website visitors on Facebook and show them relevant Facebook ads about your product or service. Facebook Analytics also has lots of features for website analysis.


Statcounter is also one of the best tools to check visitor path from start to end. This tool will help you understand, from where your user is coming, which page he is visiting and which pages he has checked, etc. The biggest benefit of Statcounter is you get every user’s detailed journey on your website.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console aka Google Webmaster tool is must for SEO. Installing search console on your website will help you understand which pages on your websites have issues. And you can solve those issues ASAP. Google search console also tells you important data like search queries, impression views, etc.

Bing Webmaster Tool

If your website is targeting US consumers than you should also install the Bing Webmaster Tool. It is similar to Google Search Console, but it shows the data from the Bing Search Engine. Bing currently has more than 15% search engine market share in the USA.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager makes it easier to manage all the tracking codes on your website. You only need to install the Google Tag Manager on your website, and remaining tracking codes of another tool you can install into the Google Tag Manager dashboard. Google Tag Manager collects all the tracking data from the website and sends to all the tools you have installed into Google Tag Manager.

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